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Shirin Laghai’s work is informed by questions of identity, belief, and the space we occupy. She draws a line through the fluidity of self and connectivity, relations and relationships, place and presence, while examining the directional networks within our memory, mortality, and trajectory.


Currently based in Shanghai, she has exhibited in both Australia and the U.K., and been published in Offset, Masque & Spectacle, and Postmedia Books, among others. As an actor, she has also been involved in a wide range of productions in multiple countries, from theatre to voiceover work, and has toured through Europe and Japan as a member of Seiryukai Butoh Company. Shirin has co-produced The Space Between Words project in London, and edited over sixteen plays and novels. She is additionally a writer, with a stage play currently under development, while contributing to a non-fiction book about the future of education.

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